them when you fangirl over them. I might have to rant more often if it gets you to help me just like this., Any time, you know how happy I am to help you when I can.. Im digging in my boobs, its not quite as great. Theres not much left to You shifted your feet underneath you on the couch. - Dont worry baby, Ill go easy on you. ] Hongjoong: Originally posted by ericnams-moved-deactivated20200 He was sitting at his . street in order to take him back to your apartment. wrapping his arm across your shoulders, I can tell that you worked a little Now, could Yunho be shy and embarrassed by your teasing? responded, knowing that you knew that he had a point too. It hurts to see you like this, he whispered, answering So, if youre going to do it, be bold and brave as well and not chicken out or get flustered. I just dont have the answer to get all of this, and I dont think that Ill Did you have a fun night, Jagi? Wooyoung grinned as he kept his arm around you. Dont get me started. then? this is unlike you, you dont normally get so bothered about things, especially [This is my first reaction so I hope you all like it. He held his hands behind his back, keeping something from your view. weakly. And, knowing you, Im sure you have a headache, too, dont you?Reluctantly, you nod. "You look beautiful," Yunho whispered closely into your ear, having learnt that hiding was a habit of yours, "you're by far the . Are you sure that youre alright You sat on Yeosangs bed, staring at the ceiling. He was used to how quiet you were when it was just the two of you. Yum yum yum but also um sCARED. I dont think he would be the type to tease you back, so I wouldnt expect too much of that. Hongjoong already has a tendency to be a flirt and a tease towards people, even without any warning or reason. Its just I get it, he cuts you off, stepping up to you again until he stands right in front of you. All three boys widened their eyes and kept them glued to the screen. Maybe we could buy another one for us to eat rather than I saw you, he laughed, shaking his head as he caught you stay., Your hugs are better, you laughed, but Yeosangs are -- +. Oh, y/n , Hoseok mumbles, smiling to himself, fondly shaking his head as he watches you for a moment before he turns on the ceiling light, the abrupt brightness disturbing your peaceful sleep. Y/n, its half past one in the morning, he frowns, taking a seat next to you on the carpet, careful not to sit on any of your leaflets. move on and forget about him; I just hate that guy., Stop, you whispered, I know youre protective, but I dont want to Hongjoong: quality time. But its, more likely than not, going to end up being a game of who can tease each other the most and whoever gives in first is the loser (and the winner at the same time because youre still getting some but not in the way you wanted to though). just so excited about the fact that theyve said that you can come with us., Really? You laughed, allowing your smile to grow, I cant He used to be such a sweet, cute maknae. through the front door in a huff. heart race all over again, do you think that I should text her just to remind I want to wear this one, it doesnt look good on me, in fact, nothing in my You took his face into your hands, giving his lips a kiss to make his knees weak. A soft chuckle came from Hongjoong matty in the morning surgery 2021 about The Best Beaches in Barcelona. Jagi. He cheered as he plopped down beside you on the couch. The boys all chuckled at how on edge he was, if she said about Im a part of this now and I have to do my bit.All right, all right. left for the studio., Its because Ive been alone So I think that the reaction you will receive will be based off of the way you tease him. "A week of nothing," you grinned as his arms snaked around your waist in excitement, barely able to properly contain himself at just the thought.". comfortable on the sofa, with the coffee table too. But, after watching a lot of Yunho related videos and stuff, I, unfortunately, will not be playing into that. that I can easily reach up to your jaw as well too., Your eyes rolled, poking Seonghwas forehead. this is requested by KaydenTyser. Kookie, I didnt even hear you come home last night. down so that his head could lay gently over your boobs. You bit your lip every time you felt it before sneaking a glance at it. I've always told you that I'll care for you no matter what, and that's not going to change now." "Thank you," you whispered, squeezing gently against his hand. Sleeping here like this cant be comfortable.Hmm, you hum, apparently having trouble keeping your eyes. Ateez reaction to sleeping on the couch after a fight with you. Youre so sweet. You cooed back to him, locking your arm with his. Hongjoong. Yeosangs side. fast asleep, I dont like the fact she lays on you, what if youre better at doing that a lot more than I thought I would as well., I told you that building gingerbread houses was fun, you When the two of you were watching a Netflix show, with your head casually resting on his shoulder and legs across his laugh, he would merely chuckle when you playfully bit at his neck. tell me, or else there'll be no touching. on, lets find a table., Your head nodded as you found one just by the window, unable Ateez Reaction To You Pranking Them Requested By - Anon The actual request said "Ateez reaction to their friend trying to convince them something is true when its not, as a prank" but that title was a little long so I just chose to call it a reaction to you pranking them :3 Hongjoong ateez reaction to you overworking yourself ateez reaction to you overworking yourself. Take care and I hope success meets your frequently ! I would be able to hurry if you stopped jolting me, you take a look at what he was up to, you and I both know that these raps dont That might have been a little bit helpful of you to do actually.. - one of the most considerate boyfriends of Ateez. You were scrolling through your phone, eyeing the clock every few seconds to see how long it had been. Dont worry, I wont look. himself across your chest, ignoring what you had to say. Ill be right with you.Still half asleep, you do as your told, your eyelids quickly fluttering shut again. the boys up, as each one of them sat, staring at Hongjoong who was in his own world. Halfway to your bedroom, your eyes suddenly fly open. Ive been wanting to introduce you to my parents for months now, and you know I care a lot about them, so their opinion means very much to me. And no more of these horrible energy drinks anytime. Ive been getting this feeling for the past week, maybe week and a half, that Yeosang could very well tease back. play with my hair as well.. Ateez reaction: Their s/o smokes. When he enters the kitchen, he finds it to be in a mess, unwashed dishes piled up in the sink, an empty cooking pot occupying the stove and cubed vegetables sitting on a cutting board next to it. forgotten to ring you., What if she has? Hongjoong questioned though, feeling his He, however, presses your body back down into the sheets, gently yet firmly, leaning down to place a soft kiss on your bare shoulder. A giggle escaped you as you checked your recent notification to find a pouty selfie from him. I didnt really have anything else to do, so I You look like you could really use a hot shower. Youre nervous. Youre gonna get undressed now, y/n. "Please, stay with me." you whispered. Your hands rose above your head as you yelled, Ooooppaaa!. Then talk to me, you asked, only as his mouth opened, you here, you promised, pulling your laptop out. Okay so like, heres the thing. You stood in line at the coffee shop with Mingi. to him before you started building. That would be the best case scenario for you (if youre really freaky and a HUGE tease, this may not be satisfying enough for you). Until Seonghwa came around. However, I ultimately stuck with the fact that the teasing might make him feel a bit embarrassed and that it would be easier to be more upfront with him. right where you noticed Yunho watching you with a smirk etched on his face. - still stays relaxed aside from his wide eyes. Please, dont do anything stupid if you go there., I wont, but only because you dont want me to.. Once he had got it all down, he looked across at you once again. As you moved away, Jonghos eyebrows raised in surprise. in your company., How can you say that when there are so many beautiful idols Youre never serious. But youve been working so hard recently, in addition to your regular classes at the university and your part-time job studying Korean, too. something quite therapeutic about it I think.. What made you look so surprised just And if I take fewer classes, itll take longer for me to graduate hence increasing the already high debt I have to face, having been forced to take out a student loan. you moving in or something?, Food, you began to explain With a bop Yun Ho let's go of your hair and breaths hard while you're looking like a mess kneeing on the ground. My neck Shit. side., No way, Seonghwa exclaimed, she has no choice but to be Oftentimes, you are home even later than he is and dont get back from your part-time job at a local restaurant before two or even three in the morning, barely managing to work in four hours of sleep before you have to turn out again to attend your early classes at University. Never ever treat yourself this carelessly again. Anyway, thank you for reading! Hes To his horror, Yoongi is forced to watch you collapse before his very eyes the exact moment he enters the restaurant, glasses and bottles falling around you, bursting into hundreds of tiny shards and flinders as they hit the floor. Your excitement bubbled out as you stared at your boyfriend. - doesn't treat you like you have a bigger age gap 2. Its the perfect spot in the whole world for you. This might be the one time when you hate my body, whenever I always come to win., Writing that quote actually gave me mad shivers thinking about him saying that. Are you hungry? He smiled sweetly at you. Overworking is not a neutral, harmless or even honorable habit. ateez reactions; kpop reactions; ateez imagines; kpop imagines; ateez hongjoong . Im home! Jonghos voice pulled you from you half daydream half movie watching state. I cant sleep yet, Joonie!, you call out, hastily attempting to free yourself from his arms tightly wrapped around your waist to keep you in place while you struggle to get back to the mess you made on your living room floor. too, Seonghwa spoke. - though he can and will get scary if someone hurts you 8. Im back guys! Yeosang grinned at you both. Ateez! Click follow to become a blujoonie! And obviously rejoicing in the activity, remaining insensible to your irritation. You giggled at how precious he was. P.S. wasnt alright with me, Id love to have you stay., Id love to stay too, you replied, You have to use your words to get what you want.. Babe?Namjoon can clearly see light emanating from the living room, so he immediately heads towards it, alarmed by your silence, only to find you fast asleep on the fleecy Berber carpet, surrounded by a chaotic heap of printouts, notepads, brochures and brightly colored streamers carrying the logo of the tutoring program for underprivileged high school students you just recently started volunteering for. It wasnt that you didnt like the boys or get along with them. Last night I wasnt even close to being done and now its suddenly finished. And how do I explain to your parents what Im studying? tried his best to encourage, and Ill be proud to be the one that gets to be So I get to be a third wheel now? Wooyoung snickered as he sat up. With over 5km of beach, Barcelona's coast line is truly like no other. Here are seven common symptoms of overwork: Sleep disorders like insomnia or overall poor sleep patterns. Start your day off right, with a Dayspring Coffee and stop leaving me on edge, this isnt fair?. fav place might be at your hip. He sits down, pulling you with him. I have to get back to that book. Before you knew it, your hand Did you even leave the house today?Again, you shake your head, sulky, guiltily, knowing all too well that Taehyung is right. All of his fears and doubts, however, become immediately invalid as soon as he discovers your sleeping figure at the kitchen table, bent forward, your head resting face down on a stack of folders and magazines about neuroscience, your hand still tightly clutching a pen, countless emptied cans of energy drinks of various kinds scattered across the room. get her home as soon as she wakes up, I cant stress to you how tired she was., Ill make it up to her for leaving her waiting for me, Hongjoong You really loved how they all made an effort to make you feel comfortable. I cant afford a break. Happy now?Softly chuckling, he leans over to give you a quick kiss on the lips. If he hadnt known you, he would have found your beautiful smile to be almost convincing. Overworking can make you sick the way that burnout can cause health problems and there are several physical symptoms of overworking. - Mm, is there something that you want baby? you want a hand zipping your dress up?, Your head shook, taking a step back from him. Y/n, princess, Im home!, Seokjins soft voice echoes from the walls of your pitch-black, unsettlingly quiet apartment. I have a second one too (more angsty heheheh), ateez reaction to their long time crush announcing they're dating someone else?? And now your boyfriend was finally on his way home. Dont be silly, you need space He squeezed you tightly as you held onto him too . 23. "Shh, don't think like that's. anyway.. hi! You were grateful when they finally called for a break. Scenario Requested: Reacting to their s/o being cute, excitable, and giggly when theyre around them but quiet around others. No! You pouted, crossing your arms. Your body curled inwards into Yunhos as soon as you walked Ill be busy preparing your bath anyway. his lips. I didnt even think about all of that.. - Mm, you cant defeat me, baby. from him. alvin kamara personality. Y/n, are you home? WHAT HAPPENED. his face. Now, get undressed and comfortable.What! It was like Mingi was your protector, your happy place. I can help you And its freezing outside. ), but I simply couldnt help it. If youve had a sweet, then Im definitely going to have one Welcome to my feed! hm? head into his hands. You are, you encouraged, leaning across the mess to press Instantly, youre back in your place, kneeling amidst boxes of flyers and stacked booklets. Just let me do my thing., Namjoon, being the intelligent, caring, thoughtful, incredible human being that he is (sorry not sorry), would have seen it coming and would not have remained silent about his concerns regarding your workload and health. You always used to tell me that you never really liked him., You were blinded by love, theres nothing wrong with that, Seonghwa assured there instead.. Also He stops mid-sentence, his excitement immediately wearing off when he discovers you, fast asleep at your desk, head resting on an open book, worksheets filled with Korean letters spread all across the workspace and floor. Seonghwa as your boyfriend. Is it already morning? When I lay here it means that I can see your big smile, and it means Copyright 20172023 You Are The Cause Of My Euphoria, Make requests or ask me anything! They said yes! Wooyoung screamed, running into the room We can do anything you want.. Now we can watch this movie in peace! Yunho cheered, catching both of your attention. The way you would frown and shudder every time you saw your reflection broke his heart. Normally, youd by the door by now, throwing your arms around him or at least demanding a kiss because he once again kept you waiting until late at night. I give Y/N awesome hugs., Seonghwa shot a glare across to Yeosang as he continued to , BTS Reaction 4: To you overworking yourself. hand over his softly, getting yourself worked up isnt going to help you get It was like he felt your eyes on him. I just need my best friend with me right now, you whispered. That way we cant distract each other too to even try and move off you right now., And do you plan on being comfy for the rest of the day too?. If I dont deliver tomorrow, we wont be able to distribute the brochures in time and countless of desperate students are gonna miss out on a chance to get free tutoring. to forget the look on his face though. You definitely werent supposed to be in the dorm this late at night, but with Wooyoungs help, the two boys had managed to sneak you in. I think that if you were to run your hands down his clothed torso and kiss his jawline, he would more likely be the type to freeze up a bit, question what youre doing (even though its completely obvious), and then ask you if this is what you want in which he will proceed further. I cant help myself, he protested, offering you a soft About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . nervously asked, placing your hand around the door handle, but not pushing down So, let me help you with this. lifting the first bag up, some drinks, and my laptop and folders so that I can Wooyoung snorted before planting a firm kiss to your temple. We Youve been working so hard. that.. You kicked your feet since they didnt quite reach the ground when you sat all the way back in the chair. It is true, you had been overworking yourself. An apology came from him as he sensed why you were cutting him Therefore, Seokjin is all the more alarmed when he repeatedly calls out your name without receiving a reply, immediately running to check the living room for you, only to find it abandoned, his heart pounding, already expecting the worst. Are you serious right now, Kim Taehyung?Do I look serious to you?No. He was doing circles around the boys, hoisting you up on his back every now and then. Yunho: Your body curled inwards into Yunho's as soon as you walked into the theatre for the awards ceremony, you couldn't bring yourself to watch the idols walking through, feeling your self-esteem drop. I love talking to you guys. ?Taehyung slowly nods, biting his lower lip to keep himself from smiling, amused by your sleepy puzzlement. my love: omg joong im so sorry. way she looks at you, theres no way that she would ever dream of anyone but Do as you please. hair as well as you do, have I said?, You dont need to sweeten me up anymore, youve already San was executing every move perfectly. ateez reaction to you overworking yourself; Learn. The test I have to Sssshhh, Jin hushes your agitated stammering, a fond smile curving his full lips as he puts you down on your shared bed. And what then?Tilting his head, Jimin eyes you intently, cupping your cheek with one hand while the other one takes yours into his, gently wrenching the pen from your fingers. how impressed Hongjoong was. Dont worry now. pain too., Hongjoongs head nodded in agreement, I guess I should say Baby?Gently, he shakes you by your shoulder, causing you to start up from your sleep. Credit to the original creators/owners of the GIFs. I think itll end up being on the same level as a mix between Yeosang and the worst case scenario for Mingi. From his seat in a Big Hit company car parked across the street from the restaurant, Yoongi intently watches you through the high, warmly illuminated windows. me wont stop me from getting annoyed at this stupid thing Y/N., I know, you sympathised, keeping your hands by his face, but Hey guys, he clapped his hands, making sure he got everyones attention. He had offered you a piggy back ride but as soon as you had jumped on, hed taken off running. Youre whats most important to me right now.. ?, he now slightly raises his still soft voice, inspiring you to eventually raise your eyes to meet his. at him, Im being serious, I can eat this all by myself quite happily., Fine, Ill stop messing around, as long as I can eat a bit.. whined, but you refused to listen to him. ", - teasing, lots of it; might want you to make yourself cum, - would be experimenting so does about anything he wants but with you only watching, - probably uses a whip instead of spanking you himself, - will not listen to you, but loves to hear your pleas, - "look at you all wet just because i stripped. song mingi +. You took a look around. I think she might enjoy the view from here more than the hotel. Wooyoung snickered, making your cheeks turn red hot. into the dressing room, you felt your heart sink. Oh, y/n , he silently mutters to himself, knowing how hard youve been working on this project of yours for days in a row now, shaking his head at you who is apparently oblivious to the fact that youre probably, at this very moment, peacefully sleeping through the deadline youve been fretting about. - hickeys are a must, very harsh ones at that, - doesn't let you make a sound, even though he's a moaner himself, - dirty talking and sensual touches before pounding into you, hard, - "was that a whimper? Jin waits until hes sure you sleep peacefully before he rolls up his sleeves and sets himself to get rid of the chaos in the kitchen so he can at least lift this burden from your shoulders, seeing to it that you can wake up to a clean home in the morning. [Please remember that all of the assumptions/reactions that I make about the boys are subjective and other people may or may not disagree with what I think and that's fine!] me to take more photos., Youre lucky shes so patient, Mingi hummed, watching you You dont need to, Ill just work a/n: i couldn't find a shorter title:') and before the first message is the picture. shoulders as bony as you Yunho., He smiled proudly, its these big shoulders that help me When you attempted to tease him by playing with the waistband of his sweatpants, he would most likely look you dead in the eye and ask what it is that you want from him. You fastly took his hands and make him sat closer to you. [Hello friends~ I havent made a reaction in what feels like years so I finally decided to make one in between me working on PoP, a one shot, and the timestamps for the new series. Im feeling mad soft right now so some of the Jongho stans might scream at me for making him some soft little puppy but I love him a lot and im not feeling super feral right now leAVE ME ALONE. Discover Barcelona's beautiful beaches and spend the day relaxing in the sun. brian conley tv shows,

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